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Convert Free is a limited version of TopConverter, useful in many walks of life & for free.
Whether you need to convert millimeters to inches, tablespoons to grams, or US dollars to Algerian dinar, Convert Free can handle anything you throw at it. Stop wasting your time searching for answers on the web.

why you should download this App today!
Do you know how many rods are in a mile? Do you need to? With Convert Free on your device you always have the conversion value you need with no more "guesstimating." Convert Free for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can convert linear units, volume, area and more.
Convert Free can handle conversions for:
* Time
* Angles
* Area
* Currency
* Energy
* Length
* Power
* Speed
* Volume
* Weight.

Convert Free is great for Forex traders. This app supports nearly every currency in the world (153 in all, with more coming!).

Download Convert Free now and you'll always know how much, how far, how heavy and more, without complicated math and without guessing. When somebody asks you what kind of gas mileage your new car gets, you can just tell them you're getting 500 furlongs to the hogshead and let them figure it out.
Convert Free is the free version of TopConverter. Download TopConverter for the best experience.


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