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Convert Free Guide will flow under the premise of TopConverter Guide

Convert Free mostly uses the simple row-detail information flow common to many applications on the iPhone. For most conversions;
- The user selects the desired system to go to the 'Convert' page
- On the convert page the user taps 'Units' to flow to the picker selector with which to select the measure to convert from and that which to convert to. Note that there are two columns; the first for the top textField and the second for the second textfield. (if the Toggle Tripletaneous Button is active there will appear a third column accordingly)
- In the 'Convert' view if the required measures have been selected the user may go ahead and enter the value to be converted into any of the textFIelds by tapping within the textField to produce the number keypad.
- Values contained in the textFields will be retained until the next time the measurement system is selected (also retained between program sessions).
- The next program session begins within the system in which it was last exited.
- Click on the calculator button in the 'Convert' view to call up the in-built calculator. The value in the top textField transfers to the calculator. After the user manipulates the calculator for the desired value, returning to the 'Convert' view automatically copies the new value into the top textField in the 'Convert' view.

Some Special cases;

>Clothing View
Only Available in the Full version: TopConverter

>Volume's Cooking
Only Available in the Full version: TopConverter

>Calculator & Interface
Only Available in the Full version: TopConverter

>Custom View
Only Available in the Full version: TopConverter