Mobi Document Format

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The Mobi format is another with a far reaching application. It is the format that is used in Amazon's kindle, which spans across most (if not all) of the major phone platforms.
Amazon's kindle app is available for various device platforms, including:
  1. Apple's iOS 8.0 or later
  2. Android Platform (on Google Play)
  3. Microsoft Windows 8 & 10
  4. Want it Easy? You can Request Our Service via the Fiverr Portal.

It can be derived directly from the ePub format using specific tools on various platforms.

First download & install Calibre!. It’s a free and easy to use tool to both manage and build ebooks.

1.) Add books–just click this button.  It will bring up a place where you can browse to the file you want. Import your book in ePub format. We find this to be a simple route that will involve a minimum of adjustments to achieve your final document.

2.) Edit Meta Data–again click button.

Title should be filled in, but you may need to edit it. Should be the title of the book and nothing else here. Hit arrow beside it to fill in “Title sort” box.

Author – put in name as you want the world to see it. Hit arrow beside this to fill in “Author sort” box.

Series – fill this in if part of a series. Once you list a series here, it will be there for future use (in drop down). Then go to right and enter correct number. Calibre will for future books try to guess which number each book is. If you format your books in order, it will guess right.

Change cover– “Browse” to your cover. Select and hit “open.”

Tags – enter your keywords here.

Publisher – fill in if you are using a publisher name.

Comments – Paste your back cover copy here. You can view it normal or html. Don’t stress over this. No one but you will see how it is laid out.

Hit “OK”

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